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Sandra Oh will never host the Golden Globes again


Actress Sandra Oh has sworn off ever fronting the Golden Globes again after making history as the ceremony’s first Asian host.

The former Grey’s Anatomy star teamed up with Andy Samberg to present the big show last month (Jan19), and insists now she has faced her fears she has no desire to repeat the feat.

When they asked about co-hosting I went bananas, like, ‘Why would that happen?’ she laughs. “I said to my agent, ‘Are you effing joking?’ But I knew what it could mean in that platform and all I wanted to do was hit it out of the f**kng park… I didn’t want to waste a moment in not being totally there.

“I knew what it would mean for a lot of other people, so I tried my best to show up as fully as I could. I was petrified and then I was relieved. I was ecstatic afterwards. At the party I didn’t need one drop of alcohol, because I was so high on the actual joy and release of it



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