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Paris Hilton brings Platinum Rush to Dubai


While preparing for this interview I was stuck on exactly how and where to start. Paris Hilton was in Dubai yesterday to launch her 24th perfume Platinum Rush in collaboration with Concept Brands Group at Dubai Festival City. I was stuck, or maybe the more apt word to use here is confused, as to how to approach the few minutes I would have with one of the world’s most famous women. This might sound off to some but, personally, I find Paris Hilton a little confusing

Paris Hilton started being Paris Hilton in the year 2000 when she broke the mould of expected decorum and style of what the world thought of when you heard the word socialite. First it was by her slightly outrageous outfits (we aren’t talking Lady Gaga outrageous but more like Von Dutch hats and less than modest sparkling numbers).

It was obvious from her red carpet looks and poses that Paris was a party girl with a very famous last name. She was a quirk. But then in 2003 the quirk starred in her own reality show with her BFF at the time, another socialite, with a famous last name, Nicole Richie.

After that everyone knew Paris Hilton. And of course, a few scandals later she was cemented as the ultimate It Girl. But since the early 2000s the world has changed. Paris Hilton was the precursor, she was the first to set the trend of young women with famous last names turning themselves into walking talking caricatures of themselves – into self realised brands.

Except Paris did it without social media. Love them or hate them, we have Paris to thank for the influx of influencers and sort of celebrities and reality TV madness, a world that Paris doesn’t necessary want to be associated with anymore. Ironic, given the fact that it was Paris who introduced Kim Kardashian to the world


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